API Access

 In this section, learn how to integrate Vigillo's CSA API into your IT system.


What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a way for one computer to communicate with another computer. In the case of Vigillo’s CSA API, companies may retrieve (read only) their CSA data from Vigillo for inclusion of this data into their own IT systems.


Who uses an API?

An API can only be used by a Software Developer. Therefore, the first step in any project that involves an API is to identify an API Software Developer. A software program must be written to access the API and then more software needs to be developed to process this data and make it available for use.


What kind of API’s does Vigillo Provide?

Vigillo provides two different Read-Only API's:

  • A ‘CSA’ API
  • A ‘CSA Measures' API 

The CSA API is used by Vigillo CSA customers to programmatically access their own CSA data using a Software Developer.

The CSA Measures API is a way for companies to monitor the public status of CSA (no private company data is available through this API).


What can I get from the CSA API?

Vigillo’s CSA API allows software developers to programmatically extract a company’s data from Vigillo. Typically this data is then incorporated into the companies IT systems. The data available from the CSA API is centered around four areas:

  • Carrier
  • Driver
  • Inspections and Violations
  • Crashes


What can I get from the CSA Measures API?

Vigillo’s CSA Measures API provides the definable Alert-threshold status of DOT’s CSA Measures for the 5 public BASICs (no company data is available through this API).


How do I sign up for access to Vigillo’s API?

  1. First you will need to identify a Software Developer to access the API.
  2. Then using your primary Vigillo account, contact Vigillo’s Account Management Team at support@vigillo.com and request API access to either the CSA API or CSA Measures API.
  3. In your Vigillo API request include your Software Developer's email address.
  4. Vigillo will then provide the API access credentials to the Software Developer using the Developer's email address as the username.
  5. Vigillo’s Account Management Team will provide help and documentation to your software developer.


What does an API not do?

An API does not provide data to regular users in any usable way such as spreadsheets or reports. An API can only be accessed by a Software Developer who must write software code to retrieve the data from the API and write additional software code to process and publish this data, or push it into a company’s IT systems. Regular users cannot access the API using Excel Spreadsheets, for example.