Introduction to the PSP Converter

The Vigillo PSP Converter is a downloadable Microsoft Windows application that motor carriers can use to convert standard FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) reports into Vigillo CSA Scorecards. The PSP Converter is the industry's first and only tool that allows you to convert PSP records into meaningful CSA analysis.

How it works: You get your PSP records from the FMCSA. Then you load the PSP records into the Vigillo PSP Converter which scans that record and applies the CSA methodology to the crashes, inspections and violations and instantly reports a CSA Scorecard on that driver, Vigillo-style. You can process batches of PSP records, and the Vigillo PSP Converter also ranks all drivers in that batch using CSA points. It takes just seconds to run a comparative analysis on all of your driver candidates using CSA as the benchmark. Carriers may even apply their own custom weights to the BASIC’s if they desire to put higher or lower weights as may be appropriate for their unique hiring needs.

Watch a demo video.

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