Email Issues and Preferences

There are several reasons why an email is not received even if the email address is valid and in use.

If your email was blocked, this could be due to a spam blocker, firewall settings, or your ISP security settings. Email systems also rely upon Spam scores in order to validate an email being received or not. This is a server identification issue, not typically a user error. Your IT department will should have a solution or can easily help you identify the next steps you’ll need to take to continue receiving emails.

If you are having difficulty receiving Vigillo emails, please read our troubleshooting guide below. This will help you effectively communicate with your IT Team to alleviate any issues.



It’s possible that your email system’s firewall is catching our email and marking the address as corrupt or spam.

Solution: Add our server to Whitelist. Simply ask your IT department to add to your Whitelist located within your email server’s settings.

Spam Settings 

It is also possible that your email security settings are attempting to block because the server thinks it’s spam. This can also prevent our daily, monthly, or even marketing emails from reaching you. This is typically a temporary issue.

Solution: Adjust your email security settings. Ask your IT department which email preferences to adjust, so you can continue to receive Vigillo emails. 

Unsubscribe or Re-subscribe to Vigillo Email

If you no longer receive Vigillo emails due to a previous un-subscription. 

Solution: Please re-subscribe to our email list by following the prompt in the footer of the last email you received from us:

  1. In the email footer, click "Update your email preferences".
  2. Select the emails you’d like to receive, or deselect those you no longer wish to receive.
  3. Click Save.
NOTE: Due to the Anti-Spam Act, you alone have the power to control which emails you subscribe to. We cannot act on your behalf to re-subscribe your email address to an email chain.