Introduction to Vigillo Enterprise

Vigillo Enterprise is a user platform that provides a single access point for all of your Vigillo products. Our mission is to provide the most informative and actionable data visualization tools so that you can make use of the disparate and complex data that surrounds your day-to-day operations. 

Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions.


How do I link to Vigillo Enterprise?

When you're ready, linking to Vigillo Enterprise is easy. You simply create a Vigillo Enterprise account, link to your current Vigillo CSA account and you will have single sign-on access to all of your Vigillo products.

Instructions for Getting Started with Vigillo Enterprise can be found here.


Do I have to link to Vigillo Enterprise?

No, you do not have to link to Vigillo Enterprise if you don't want to. You're in complete control.  If you do not want to switch to Vigillo Enterprise, you can continue to use the current version of your Vigillo CSA account as long as you would like. Nothing will change, and it will work exactly the same as it does today. 

If you would like to link to Vigillo Enterprise, you can sign up for an Enterprise account without affecting your current Vigillo CSA account. You will access all of your Vigillo products via Enterprise, including CSA, and gain access to even more features and benefits. The new platform offers upgraded technology for maximum performance, resulting in an improved and modernized end user experience. 


Do I have to pay to link to Vigillo Enterprise?

No, you do not have to pay to link to Vigillo Enterprise. Your current Vigillo CSA subscription includes all the features of Vigillo Enterprise and for this reason, we encourage all existing customers to switch to Vigillo Enterprise to take advantage of all the benefits available.  

Benefits Include: 

·  Single access point for all Vigillo products
·  Integrated access to partner data and products
·  APIs for direct data integration to third party applications
·  Upgraded technology platform for maximum performance and security
·  Improved and modernized user experience
·  Customizable reporting, scheduled and triggered reports
·  NEW! Automated Driver Scorecard Emails