Filtering and Viewing

As you change Filter settings you can back up or move forward using the Undo and Redo buttons at the bottom, or click Revert to remove all Filters.
As you change Filter settings Tableau will update continuously.  Click Pause at the bottom to make multiple changes, then click Resume for your Filters to be applied.  

How do I save a set of Filters to my Views?

  1. Set up desired Filters
  2. Select Original View
  3. Here you can name your View and set it as default
  4. To find this View again, Click the button at the bottom with the name of the current View to change between Views

How do I search for a specific motor carrier?

  1. Use the DOT Number Filter dropdown
  2. Use the Carrier Name Filter dropdown
  3. Scroll through the carrier list under either BASIC Percentile or License and Insurance