Introduction to Carrier Select

Carrier Select™ is offered as a monthly subscription for freight brokers, shippers and insurance providers to manage custom lists of motor carriers, improving the reporting of critical safety data between motor carriers and brokers and shippers.

With your subscription you will receive:

  • Dedicated branded partner web page
  • Support materials to send and share with motor carriers
  • Customer support for you and your motor carriers
  • Ability to monitor and customize your listed carrier’s safety rating, operating authority, insurance and CSA scores

Subscribers can onboard, monitor and manage their custom list of DOTs, using real-time data to analyze motor carrier performance.
ONBOARD (optional)
Carrier Select subscribers are able to lookup any combination of the 1.4M motor carriers authorized to operate in the United States. Once identified, the custom list is passed along for monitoring.
Carrier Select monitors the critical components of motor carrier safety including CSA, licensing, insurance, operating authority and safety rating. Users can access shared and multi-list support for different policies for different users.
Daily alerts notify subscribers about their customizable schedule of any policy violation including:

  • CSA

  • Safety Ratings

  • Licensing and Insurance

  • Authority Status

  • Crash Rates

Subscribers are quickly able to assess those motor carriers who are exceeding threshold settings.
Import, Add, Edit, and Delete motor carriers from your existing monitored lists.

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