Reviewing Crash Documents

Crash Review Board members will be asked via text message to accept crashes. Each day that crashes are available, all Review Board members will receive a text message prompting them to respond if they are available to complete a review within the next 48 hours. Crashes will then be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. If accepted, you will receive an email notification assigning you to a crash to make a determination of preventability. 

Accept a Crash Review

Once accepted, you will receive an email notification assigning you to a crash as a Task.

  1. Click any of the task or project links within the email to go to the crash.

  2. Review the submitted Carrier documents 
    All Carrier documents will be stored in the folder titled “Carrier Documents (submitted crash info)” within the “Files” section of the crash project:
    • Navigate to the Carrier Documents (submitted crash info) folder
    • Click the View button or the text of the file name to view each document
      NOTE: The “View” button may appear differently depending on your web browser
    • Carefully review each document that has been submitted by the Carrier
  3. Make a determination of preventability 
  4. Upon clicking Submit your form data will automatically transfer into the JUST Teamwork platform
  5. Your review process is now complete and you are not required to log back into Teamwork or complete your task within the platform

For help, questions, or feedback regarding these instructions or the submission process, please contact Vigillo Support anytime.