Please see below for answers to common questions regarding the Vigillo JUST Crash Review Program. 


Do I need to be a Vigillo subscriber to take advantage of the JUST Crash Review Program?

No. You do not need to be a Vigillo subscriber to submit crashes for review. If you submit a crash, whether or not you are a subscriber, you will obtain a driver certificate and reports from the reviewers. However, you must be a CSA Scorecards subscriber to access the JUST Scorecard and view your updated JUST Crash Indicator Score. 

To start a 30-day Free Trial of CSA Scorecards, please contact Vigillo Sales at 503 688-5100 x103 or sales@vigillo.com.

What documentation should I submit for each crash review?

You are encouraged to submit any and all relevant information pertaining to each individual crash. At the very least, Vigillo strongly recommends providing the police report, internal company crash summaries, and any relevant photos. In-cab video is also extremely helpful and recommended if available.

How long will the crash review process take?

The duration of each crash review is largely dependent on how long it takes you to provide your documentation. Once the documentation has been received, two Crash Review Board members are assigned to the crash and have 48-hours to complete their review. If the first two reviewers differ in opinions, a third reviewer is assigned to the crash and has an additional 48-hours to make the final determination.


How will I know when the review has been completed?

Once each crash review has been completed, you will receive a completion email directing you to the JUST Scorecard within your Vigillo Scorecard platform to view the outcome and its potential impact on your Crash Indicator score.

When all crash reviews have been completed, a link to a JUST survey will be emailed to you. In an effort to better improve the crash review program, Vigillo asks that you complete the survey at least once after going through the crash review process.

What kind of documentation will I receive for each reviewed crash?

For each crash deemed “non-preventable” by our Crash Review Board, a driver certificate will be issued verifying the non-preventability of the crash, accessible via the JUST Scorecard. Reviewer reports will also be made accessible in the “Files” section of the JUST Teamwork platform for each respective crash, regardless of outcome. If you submitted your crash documents via email and would like to receive the reviewer reports, please contact a JUST representative.


Will JUST remove points associated with non-preventable crashes from my actual CSA scores?

No. The FMCSA does not distinguish between preventable and non-preventable crashes. Vigillo created JUST as a parallel scoring system to address this issue and provide an opportunity for motor carriers to present their fleet in their JUST and accurate light. With that said, a crash may be deemed “Non-DOT Recordable” by our Review Board, which may help with removing the crash from your FMCSA profile (see below).
Vigillo continues to advocate on behalf of its customers to the FMCSA for crash reviews to have an impact on actual CSA scores in the future. Each additional crash you submit for review helps bring us one step closer to making this a reality for the industry.

What are the credentials of the Crash Review Board members?

The Crash Review Board consists of current and former law enforcement officials with, at a minimum, state or national accreditation in accident investigation and at least 5 years of accident investigation or reconstruction experience. Senior Reviewers (who are eligible as third and final reviewers) must also possess law enforcement supervisory experience and at least 5 years of Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement.


Can a crash be deemed “Preventable” by the Crash Review Board? 

Yes. Based on the documentation submitted by the motor carrier, our Crash Review Board will make an independent determination of either, “Preventable”, “Non-preventable” or “Non DOT-Recordable”. 

What does it mean if my crash was deemed “Non DOT-Recordable”? 

If your crash was deemed “Non DOT-Recordable”, our Crash Review Board determined that it did not meet the definition of a DOT Recordable Crash under the FMCSA guidelines. In such cases, Vigillo recommends that you file a Data Q for the crash to have it officially removed from your CSA profile.