Download Driver Certificates

Driver certificates that have been deemed non-preventable by the JUST Crash Review Board are accessible in the JUST Scorecard within your Vigillo Scorecards platform. Each reviewed crash deemed non-preventable will be highlighted green in the “JUST OUTCOME” section and have a small arrow icon located towards the right side of the window 

  1. From anywhere within your Vigillo account go to the Scorecards drop down menu and locate the JUST Scorecard
  2. Click to select the JUST Scorecard. The JUST Scorecard will render on your screen.
  3. Scroll down to the “By Crash” Table to locate your driver list. Crashes are organized by Non-Preventable/Reviewed Preventable and Preventable
  4. Locate the Driver and the corresponding JUST outcome highlighted in green. Click on the "certificate" download link to begin the download process.