Crash Review Process: What to Expect

You are encouraged to submit any and all relevant information pertaining to each individual crash. The duration of each crash review is largely dependent on how long it takes you to provide your documentation. Once the documentation has been received, two Crash Review Board members are assigned to the crash and have 48-hours to complete their review.

  1. The Motor Carrier Representative and a JUST Representative will have an initial consultation call to discuss the process and identify specific crashes to be reviewed.
  2. Individual crashes are built into the JUST Teamwork platform by a JUST Representative.
  3. Documentation for each crash is uploaded into the JUST Teamwork platform by the Motor Carrier Representative or a JUST Administrator (if the documentation is received via email).
  4. Once all documentation has been received, the crash is assigned to 2 Crash Review Board members to review the materials and make an independent determination of preventability. Each Reviewer has 48-hours to complete their review once they have been assigned to a crash. If Reviewer 1 & Reviewer 2 differ in opinion, a third Reviewer is assigned to the crash to make the final determination.
  5. When the Reviewers have completed their respective reviews, the Motor Carrier Representative will receive a completion email directing them to their Vigillo JUST Scorecard to view the outcome and potential impact on their Crash Indicator Score.
    • Driver certificates are available for each crash deemed non-preventable by clicking on the Certificate Link in the “JUST Outcome” section of the JUST Scorecard.
    • Reviewer reports are also accessible in the “Files” section of each individual crash within the JUST Teamwork platform.
  6. The Motor Carrier Representative is asked to complete a quick 2-5 minute survey based on their experience with the JUST program – a link to the survey will be emailed to the Motor Carrier Representative once all submitted crashes have been reviewed.