Introduction to JUST

Vigillo’s JUST parallel scoring system corrects four of the fundamental flaws of CSA and re-scores the Motor Carrier. The parallel scores are presented on the JUST Scorecard within your Vigillo account alongside your current CSA scores.

  1. Crash Preventability: Currently, all DOT recordable crashes count under CSA, including clearly non-preventable crashes. Via a network of current and former law enforcement officials who will review all submitted crash reports, photographs, and in-cab video, the JUST system will identify and remove clearly non-preventable crashes from your Vigillo JUST Scorecard.
  2. Differences in State Enforcement: CSA treats every mile — city, country, mountain, winter, or border crossing, as if it is exactly the same. Commercial vehicle law enforcement officials across the country know better and adapt, whereas CSA does not. JUST mathematically adjusts scores to account for state differences.
  3. Safety Event Groups: Under the current system, carriers are not grouped and compared to similar carriers. Additionally, they are not grouped geographically, or by truck type, or line of business. JUST addresses the defects in the current Safety Event Group math.
  4. Un(der) Inspected Carriers: Under the current system, 89% of all motor carriers fall outside the purview of CSA scoring. This huge gap means smaller operations go scoreless in any CSA BASIC category, resulting in 678,147 regulated motor carriers flying under the radar of CSA. JUST identifies carriers with no inspections and includes them all.


  • Upload your crash documents to JUST Gather all documents associated with the recordable crash including in-cab video, and submit it to our JUST review board.
  • Get your review within 48 hours The JUST network of current and former law enforcement officials review each case and deem the crash preventable or non-preventable.
  • View your JUST score online JUST removes non-preventable crashes and creates an official driver certificate. Your updated JUST scorecard is available to view within your account.
  • Share your results Driver certificates and the JUST Scorecard make it easy for you to share your true crash record with all relevant stakeholders and interested 3rd parties.