CSA Scorecards Overview

This reference guide gives you an overview of all the CSA Scorecards. Frequently Asked Questions can be found here>>

Driver Essentials Scorecard

Rank and compare drivers to see how individual performance impacts your overall carrier CSA scores.

Driver Essentials: Driver Scorecards

Gain detailed knowledge of individual driver performance and quickly identify safety priorities and potential training opportunities.

Carrier Scorecard

Understand your fleet's carrier percentile ranking across all 7 BASICS—Vehicle Maintenance, HOS Compliance, Driver Fitness, Crash Indicator, Unsafe Driving, Drugs/Alcohol and HazMat.

Inspection Root Cause

Uncover the causes and estimated cost of inspections across your entire fleet or by driver.

Red Flag Scorecard

Quickly identify the violations that the FMCSA considers egregious safety violations. View by driver, state or month so that you can take immediate steps to correct them.

Map Scorecard

Enforcement focus varies from state to state. Gain visibility into inspection and violation trends by state across the US so that you can prepare your drivers.

Benchmark Scorecard

Compare your fleet's roadside inspection performance against select groups of carriers from Vigillo's national customer base.

Trend Scorecard

View CSA data and compare month-to-month progress over a 3-year period.

Usage Scorecard

See how others in your company are accessing and using Vigillo's scorecards and reports.

FMCSA Crash Determination Scorecard

See the results of FMCSA crash reviews.