FMCSA Portal Support

This section walks you through the process for establishing a Portal Account and registering a company official. For troubleshooting tips, please see FAQs.


FMCSA Portal Support

Getting Started: Submitting a Request for an FMCSA Portal Account

  1. From the FMCSA Compass Portal, click to register for a portal account.
  2. Select “Company Employee or an Associate of a Company”. Click Next.
  3. Enter your US DOT#
  4. Click the Lookup button.
  5. Go to Available Roles. Select “Portal View Sensitive Company Information” to add role.
  6. Populate all red star items marked with an asterisk. Click Next.
  7. Once again, populate all red star items marked with an asterisk. Click Next.
  8. Check all disclosure boxes and press Submit.
  9. An email will be sent to you letting you know that your request has been received. Your Company Official will also receive an email to approve the request. Once the request is approved (detailed instructions below), you will be able to access FMCSA Portal and use you user ID and Password in Parallel Universe.

NOTE: Be sure to save your user ID and your three security questions—you will need this information to change a password or unlock your account.


Approving FMCSA Compass Portal Access

Your registered Company Official can follow the steps below to approve Vigillo’s Portal access request.*

  1. Login to FMCSA Compass Portal.
  2. Click the Magnifying Glass icon next to the Vigillo Portal requester.
  3. Click the Approve Request button at the bottom right.

NOTE: If you have multiple DOT numbers, you must register a Company Official and approve access for each DOT number.

‚ÄčIf you do not have a registered company official and/or a portal account, see Troubleshooting Tips below.


Reset Your FMCSA Portal Password

  1. Go to the FMCSA Compass Portal.
  2. Attempt to login once.
    NOTE: The FMCSA gives you three logins attempts before locking portal access.
  3. If your password isn't working, click on Forgot your Password?
  4. Enter your FMCSA User ID 
  5. You will be instructed to answer three security questions
    NOTE: Answers are case sensitive
  6. Create a New Password

NOTE: If you don't know your User ID, click "Forgot your User ID?". You will be instructed to enter your email address and answer three security questions. The FMCSA will email you your new User ID.


Register a Company Official

I need to register a Company Official and have a Portal Compass Account:

  1. Instruct the person who will become the Company Official to login to their Portal Compass Account.
  2. Click the Account Management Tab, and the choose My Profile.
  3. Click the Portal Roles/USDOT# Tab below.
  4. Enter your US DOT# in the marked field. Click Submit.
  5. Enter your US DOT PIN# in the box below. Click Validate.
  6. From the “Available Roles” box, click on “Company Official”.
  7. Click the “Add Role” button
    (“Company Official” will move to the “Requested Roles” box on the right.)
  8. Enter “Vigillo” in the “Reason for Request” box.
  9. Click the Update Profile button at the bottom right.
  10. Once you have registered a Company Official, please notify Vigillo Support.

I need to register a Company Official and do not have a Portal Account:

  1. Instruct the person who will become the Company Official to go to the FMCSA Portal Registration Page.
  2. Follow instructions above for submitting a request for an FMCSA Portal Account.
  3. Once your Company Official has been verified and approved, please follow instructions above for registering a Company Official.