Getting Started: Crash Management System


What is the Vigillo CMS?

The CMS feature allows for the comparison of Crash information received from the FMCSA against information received from your drivers. Any mismatches are automatically identified and can then be corrected. The CMS Feature allows for the application of various crash “Status” levels that may be used in crash management workflow. You may import crash information via CSV or you may create them manually.

How does CMS work?

Crash Manager enables efficiencies in any carrier’s accident process, including a one-of-a-kind web-based accident register. In addition, carriers will have a powerful cloud-based application for tracking DOT reportable and non-reportable crashes and tow-aways in a single place. The Crash Manager includes driver and vehicle status tracking, automatic submission of errors to DataQs, and robust reports and data exports designed for internal and external reporting to Insurance, Safety, Risk Management and the FMCSA.

The Crash Manager identifies all mismatched data coming from the FMCSA. Missing and erroneous data on crashes, drivers and vehicles is highlighted and available for immediate correction in all Vigillo Scorecard Reports and for optional submission to FMCSA’s DataQ’s system. Any FMCSA crash assigned to a carrier with incorrect DOT, VIN, Driver CDL, dates and more will be instantly highlighted, recognizable, and actionable. In addition to identifying incorrect data coming from the FMCSA the Crash Manager can also assign a status for each incident providing for follow-up and reporting as internal workflow rules dictate.

Key benefits of the Vigillo Crash Manager include:

  • Enhanced monitoring and tracking of crashes throughout all departments
  • Timely response to all accident related issues
  • Status tracking of all crashes
  • Reporting and analytics designed for both internal and FMCSA reporting requirements

How Do I Start?

It’s easy. Contact Vigillo Support to schedule a CMS Training/Information Meeting.