Daily Updates

Data Updater is a data retrieval agent that automatically checks for all inspection, violation, and crash data. When a new crash, inspection or violation is posted, Data Updater feeds that information into your scorecards. You will be instantly notified by email when there is activity on your account in one of these areas.

NOTE: You must install the Data Updater to receive Daily Update emails


Data Updater Installation and Setup

Before You Begin

  • Have your Vigillo login ID and password ready.
    Forgot your password?  Click here for Connectivity and Login Issues.

  • Test to make sure you can login to your FMCSA Portal account.

  • Make sure your computer meets system requirements (below)

  • Verify that you have administrative privileges for installation of Vigillo Data Updater and Java (if you currently do not have Java installed).
    You may need assistance or permission from your IT department.

System Requirements

  • Permissions – User must have administrative privileges to download applications.

  • Access – Computer will need to be on and connected to the internet for at least two hours each day

  • Java – Java installation is required at version 6.0 or higher

  • Proxy – needs access to port https – Port 443 – requires your IT to put Proxy Data in SETUP PROXY TAB.

  • Firewall needs to be set to allow Vigillo Data Updater – required Port- https – Port 443. Please ask your IT to assist.

  • Vigillo IP address set as exceptions

  • FMCSA IP address set as exceptions

Note: Please contact your IT department for assistance if needed with any of these requirements.


Data Updater Installation

  1.  Login to Vigillo. Click the Home tab located in the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the Download Data Updater button.

  3. Daily Updater will automatically download to your machine.
    A pop-up window will appear. Click Run.

  4. Click Next to Start the Data Updater Wizard.

  5. Click Next on the following two pop-up windows.

  6. Click Install.

  7. The Installation Progress Box will appear—you can see the progress of your installation.

    NOTE: If you have a current installation of Parallel Universe or Data Updater you will need to locate the "File in Use" pop-up box and click the OK button to finish the installation.

  8. Click Finish and follow the steps below to complete Setup.



Data Updater Setup

  1. Locate the Data Updater icon. If you do not see it at the bottom of your computer screen click on the white triangle by the date and time (system tray).

  2. Go to the Vigillo tab and enter your Vigillo username and password.

  3. Go to the FMCSA Portal tab. Enter your most current FMCSA password. Click Test. Then Click OK

  4. Click OK at the bottom to exit Data Updater. In about 20 minutes you will see the latest inspection, violation and crash data in your Daily Updates Scorecard.


Adding a DOT Number

In order to begin receiving Daily Updates, you must add a DOT Number with a valid FMCSA Portal user ID and current password to the Vigillo Data Updater software. This password is issued by the FMCSA and is unique to your FMCSA Compass Portal Account. Click here for FMSCA Portal Support

NOTE: The FMCSA Portal password is different from your Vigillo customer account login and password.

Adding Your FMCSA Password:

  1. Locate the Data Updater icon. If you do not see it at the bottom of your computer screen click on the white triangle by the date and time (system tray).

  2. Go to the FMCSA Portal tab. Click Add DOT.
  3. Enter your DOT Number and your FMCSA login information
  4. Click Test.
  5. Click OK. You will now notice that both the Vigillo and FMCSA tabs have green circles with white checks.
  6. Click OK to exit Data Updater.​

Set up is now complete. In about 20 minutes you will be able to login to Vigillo and see the latest FMCSA postings for inspections, violations and crashes in your Daily Update Scorecard. Within the next 24 hours, you will receive an alert email to notify you if there has been any new postings on your FMCSA portal.

NOTE: Due to federal regulations, your FMCSA Portal password expires every 90 days. 
For full instructions on how to update your FMCSA password click here.


Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re having trouble installing or using Vigillo Data Updater or are not receiving Vigillo Daily Updates as expected, please try the troubleshooting tips below. 

Installation Tips

If You cannot login to Vigillo:

  • Check your Username: Your Vigillo login ID is your email address. In rare instances it is a DOT number.

  • Request a New Password: You can request a new password by having an email sent to you that will give you a temporary password.

  • You can update the password sent to you by going to edit profile once logged into Vigillo.

If you cannot login to the FMCSA Portal:

  • Go to FMCSA Compass Portal. Try to login once.

  • You will need your 3 security questions.

  • If your password is not working—Click on Forgot your Password. Enter your FMCSA user ID and then answer the three security questions. Create a new password.

  • If you do not know your user ID—Click on Forgot your User ID. Enter your email address and then answer the three security questions. Your User ID will be emailed to you.

If you’re on the home tab but you do not see the Data Updater Download button:

Contact Vigillo Customer Support by email to update your permissions.

After starting the wizard you see Repair, Modify or Remove:

Data Updater is already installed on your computer.
If you want to uninstall the program, click remove and follow wizard, otherwise please exit out of this screen.​

Data Updater Tips

If after running the install Wizard you do not see the Set up Box:

  • Look for the Vigillo Icon on the Windows bar—JRE Error—Install JAVA

If you cannot locate the Data Updater ICON:

  • Look in the System Tray and show hidden icons

  • Find this by locating a white triangle by the date and time in the Windows bar.

If you get a Login to FMCSA Portal Error Message:

  • Could not log in to Compass for DOT ” “—Check your FMCSA Portal username and password to ensure it is entered correctly.

  • DOT ” ” is not Configured for Vigillo Account—Check your DOT number to ensure it is the correct DOT.

  • Check your Vigillo Login from the Vigillo tab. Click Test to ensure this login is working. If not, see Login to Vigillo Error Message.