Driver Essentials

Provides an overview of all drivers listed in your MCS150. Here you can view and filter by active drivers, custom groups, DSMS, and CSMS. Along with inspections and violations you can also view the percentile ranking of drivers within your fleet.

  • Multiple List Views: Choose between viewing your drivers in 2-year Carrier SMS or 3-year Driver SMS. Also, view your drivers by points, DSMS percentile, inspections, or by violations...all for each BASIC.
  • View Historical Data: View all of this driver information as it is currently OR view past monthly snapshot dates.
  • Show Custom Group Info: Display Custom Group information for each driver, such as terminal or manager.
  • Driver Number: This new scorecard includes your internally assigned driver number for each driver.  Individual driver scorecards have been updated to show driver number as well.
  • Improved Search: Search for drivers any or all of the following: driver name, driver number, license number, license state.
  • View Active Drivers or All Drivers: Filter your driver list to view only currently active drivers or include all drivers.
  • Sortable Columns: All columns are sortable in the new driver list simply by clicking the column heading.  Click again to sort in reverse order.
  • Export Data Links: You can navigate directly from the Driver Essentials directly to the three new export tools.